Fan Community Open Announcement

Publish Date: 2020.05.22


Publisher: admin

Dear fans,

Thank you for your continued support to Park Yu Chun and we are excited to announce opening “Fan Community” for BLUE CIELO to communicate each other with Park Yu Chun.

Please make a reference on how to use the community below.

1) Community Category

1. From YU CHUN
YU CHUN’s message to the fans will appear here.

2. Dear YU CHUN
Fans can write your message to YU CHUN

3. YU CHUN’s favorite
YU CHUN shares his favorites and interact with fans

4. YU CHUN’s Trace
Fans share their topics about YU CHUN’s past traces including his works, memorable places, films or anything.

2) Functions

You can go to the fan community by clicking side menu bar and click fan community button after login.


A: Fan Community Category. You can click to move to the category page by clicking it.

B: The latest updates. 

C: Fan Community statistics.



A: Write in the category



A: Subject

B: Content

C: Attachment

D: Subscribe the topic to get notifications.

E: Cancel the writing

F: Post the article



A: Delete the topic and all replies.

B: Write reply


3) General Rules

In order to create a great fan community, we’d like to ask you to show respects to others as we are all supporters of Park Yu Chun from all around the globe. Please do not make comments or post that hurt others feelings. These types of comments will be deleted without notice and can be banned from the community without a notice. The followings are examples of banned post.

1. Comments or contents that can hurt someone or artist’s feeling

2. Any commercial contents not related to Park Yu Chun

3. Repeated comments or articles

Let’s make a pleasant and great community with caring mind to the artist and others fans!