Online Fan Meeting Information

Publish Date: 2020.05.22


Publisher: admin

Dear BLUE CIELO fans, this is the official fan site of PARK YU CHUN

Thank you so much to all the fans who support PARK YU CHUN
The upcoming June 4th is PARK YU CHUN’s birthday. To celebrate PARK YU CHUN’s birthday together and to communicate with BLUE CIELO fans, we invite you to his online fan meeting, Happy Birthday YU CHUN with Blue Cielo!

Happy Birthday YU CHUN with Blue Cielo!

[Invitation] BLUE CIELO Member Only
[Date] 2020-06-04 7:00 PM (Seoul Time)
[Link and Participation Method] TBA

There will be questions and answers from fans at this online fan meeting. Prior to the fan meeting, BLUE CIELO fans can participate and submit questions to PARK YU CHUN in advance, and PARK YU CHUN will answer your questions through a raffle at the fan meeting and give a small gift to the selected fans. We will send you a form to leave your questions via email and please refrain from sharing them with the outside as it is only for BLUE CIELO members.
[Questions to be submitted] May 22, 2020 to May 26, 2020

I hope to celebrate PARK YU CHUN’s birthday and future activities with many BLUE CIELO members. Please come and join us!